Experts Say An El Nino Pattern Is Shaping Up For This Summer And Winter

This winter was one of the snowiest on record for Flagstaff. Arizona State Climatologist Erinanne Saffell says there are strong indications we may have another big snow season next winter as well. She says the indicator is sea surface temperatures in the equatorial Pacific appear to be getting warmer. About an El Nino occurring, Saffell […]

Spring Runoff Continues In And Around Flagstaff

Spring runoff continues in and around Flagstaff. The Schultz Creek Detention Basins reached 100-percent capacity Monday night due to runoff. Water overtopping the basins will flow downstream towards the Rio de Flag, crossing the Schultz Creek culvert at Highway 180 and potentially impacting the neighborhood of Coconino Estates. The basins are fully functioning and were […]

Lower Lake Mary At 100-Percent Capacity, Fish Stocking Taking Place

One of the snowiest winters on record, has led to the refilling of Flagstaff area lakes after most have been barren for a few years. Recent rains and runoff have quickly refilled Lower Lake Mary to 100-percent capacity for the first time since 2005. The forest’s Watershed Program Manager Kate Day told KAFF News the […]