A Dangerous Imitation “Aspirin” Has Been Found In Yavapai County

Yavapai County’s Partners Against Narcotics Trafficking unit is warning the public of a dangerous imitation aspirin that has been found in the area. In two recent cases, white round pills with no identifiers were discovered. Upon testing, the pills were found to contain Xylazine and acetaminophen. Xylazine is a pharmaceutical drug typically used for sedation […]

Two Cornville Residents Arrested For Selling And Possessing Drugs Near A K-8 School

Two Cornville residents were arrested last Friday for selling drugs and possessing them near a K-through-8 school. Partners Against Narcotics Trafficking detectives arrested 54-year-old Elmer Lee Brewer and 24-year-old Hannah Kate Eberle after they received information Brewer was selling fentanyl and meth from Eberle’s trailer, which was located about 20-feet from Desert Star School. PANT […]