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A Man Who May Have Been Missing For Weeks In Yavapai County Is Found Dead

A man that may have been missing for weeks was found Saturday morning. A Dewey woman called the sheriff’s office reporting her brother was “overdue.” She says it was normal for him to go “dark” for about four-to-five days, but hadn’t heard from him. She told deputies she was concerned because her brother, 29-year-old Leviticus “Levi” Smith has been very depressed and she believes his phone had been disconnected. He drove a blue sedan and has a white travel trailer with a wooden door. An associate of Levi’s gave deputies an address off Outback Road in Dewey where a trailer and car similar to the description were located, however Levi wasn’t there. Later the same day, a vehicle matching the description was found off I-17 and Bumble Bee Road with his wallet and cell phone inside. The vehicle had been there for “3-4 weeks.” Levi was found by searchers Saturday in the area where his car was found. Officials say there did not appear to be anything suspicious about his passing at the scene.



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