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A Bear Killed A Tucson Man Near Prescott Friday, After Attacking And Eating Him Before It Was Killed

A black bear was killed after attacking and eating a Tucson man in Groom Creek near Prescott Friday morning. YCSO says they received a call about the attack at around 7:50 a.m. YCSO says 66-year-old Steven Jackson, was sitting in his campsite when the bear, unprovoked, began “mauling” him. Neighbors told authorities they saw Jackson in a struggle with the bear and tried to get help, making various noises to chase off the animal. Despite the attempt, deputies say the bear dragged Jackson about 75 yards and began eating him as the attack continued. When authorities arrived both Jackson and the bear were dead. Jackson was reportedly in the area building a cabin. His family has been notified. The bear was shot and killed by a neighbor. Arizona Game and Fish officials say the bear was a male about six-to-ten years old. Officials say at first glance there did not appear to be anything on the site that would have precipitated a attack by the bear, such as food, a cooking site or access to water. YCSO will be conducting the death investigation, while Game and Fish will investigate what may have caused the attack, but officials at the moment do not have a theory other than a predatory response by the bear. The last bear attack in Arizona was in Pinetop-Lakeside in 2011.



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