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Very Hot Weather Starting Thursday, But The Monsoon Will Finally Be In Play Starting Early Next Week

The Monsoon Season may finally be on the horizon, but not before a series of sunny days with near record heat in most places comes first. The National Weather Service says areas below 45-hundred feet will be under an Excessive Heat Warning from 10 a.m. Friday through 8 p.m. Monday. Areas in the warning could see high temperatures in the 110s. However, relief is coming next week as forecasters say the ridge of high pressure, that’s been turning up the heat, will shift to a position to turn up the moisture into the state instead. Meteorologist Mark Stubblefield says once the Monsoon gets going, it looks like it won’t let up for a while. He says, “right now it looks like it could last into the later part of the month.” Stubblefield adds, “just looking at model run that extends out ten days we are still in the moisture.” Flagstaff will see a 40-percent chance of storms Monday and a 50-percent chance on Tuesday. Prescott will see a 30-percent and 40-percent chance of storms Monday and Tuesday. Now is the time to sign up for emergency notifications if you have not done so in the past. Just go to your county’s emergency management website to sign up today.

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