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Two Wildfires and a Recreational Vehicle Crash Occurred in Yavapai County Over the Weekend

It was an eventful weekend for the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office.  Deputies responded to two wildfires and a recreational vehicle crash. The wildfires were started in the area of Antelope Creek Road and another in the Lynx Lake Campground. Both wildfires were monitored by fire safety crews and neither resulted in property loss or the damage of any structures. The vehicle crash happened Sunday afternoon after a male and female had driven their side by side on State Road 53 between Prescott and Wilhoit, when their brakes went out near the Hassayampa River. The driver steered the vehicle away from a steep cliff, which caused the vehicle, with passengers in it, to roll on its side. Members of the Off-Highway Vehicles and Search and Rescue units were able to locate the couple and give them a ride back to their truck. The passengers had minor bruises from the crash and both refused medical service.


Daisy Johnston



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