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Two Small Fires North Of Flagstaff Caught The Attention Of Many Sunday

With the summer winds blowing, two small fires broke out north of Flagstaff Sunday. The first fire was the Ponderosa Fire, started near Hart Prairie. Crews were able to jump on it quickly and keep it to just under an acre. A short time later another fire broke out near Wing Mountain. The Hollow Fire started to spread, but again numerous crews were able to get to the scene and get a handle on it. The Hollow Fire was kept to about an acre burned. A KAFF News tipster told us on Twitter that they were camping in the area and says there were many campers near the fire’s start over the weekend. They say the campfires other had were best described as “bonfires.” Monday will be a Red Flag Day with no prescribed, or controlled, burns scheduled. If you see smoke in the forest, call it in. Call the forest service dispatch at (928) 527-3552.



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