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Two Flagstaff Teenage Girls Receive A Life Saving Award From The Red Cross After Saving A Girl’s Life In January

A pair of 16-year-old lifeguards were presented with an award Tuesday afternoon from the Flagstaff City Council. Tayley Sweet and Alexis Kohler of Flagstaff were working at the NAU Acquatic Center back on January 7th. Tayley was asked to help another 16-year-old girl with a dislocated hip. She was able to stabilize the hip and waited for further help. The girl then passed out. Tayley called for the father’s help. When Lexi got there the girl had stopped breathing. The two girls used “bag-valve-mask” ventilation for two-and-a-half cycles of rescue breathing. The girl regained consciousness and they were able to keep her calm until paramedics arrives. The two were presented with the Red Cross Lifesaving Award from Flagstaff Mayor Becky Daggett, Vice Mayor Austin Aslan, and fellow councilmembers, for their roles in saving the girl’s life.



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