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Yavapai County’s Tri-City Task Force Conducted A DUI Saturation Patrol Last Week

The Tri-City Task Force conducted a DUI Saturation Patrol in Yavapai County last Thursday. The detail was conducted between all participating agencies with a total of seven different officers and deputies from each jurisdiction. In total there were 40 traffic stops conducted with two DUI drug arrests, 12 speeding citations and 22 civil citations other than speed. During one of the two DUI drug arrests, deputies in Castle Canyon Mesa contacted a driver of a vehicle who was speeding through a residential neighborhood. The deputy conducted a traffic stop after seeing the vehicle traveling over the roundabout at about 35 miles-per-hour. When the deputy talked to the driver, the person had numerous signs of impairment. The driver told the deputy he was trying to get home to celebrate 4-20. The driver was arrested for DUI and was later advised the person celebrated early with edibles infused with THC during his lunch break.



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