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The State Treasurer’s Office Is Looking For Statewide Contestants For The AZ529 Future Career Art Contest

The Arizona State Treasurer’s Office with AZ529, Arizona’s Education Saving Plan, is holding an art contest for Arizona kids to create art representing their dream job. The third-annual AZ529 Future Career Art Contest is open to Arizona students from kindergarten through sixth grade. Fifteen winners will each receive $529 for opening a new or existing AZ529 Education Savings Plan account. At least one winner will be selected from a district school, charter school, private school, tribal school and homeschool. Arizona State Treasurer Kimberly Yee says, “the AZ529 Future Career Art Contest gives Arizona students an opportunity to bring their dreams to life.” The submission deadline is March 3rd. The AZ529 Education Savings Plan is a tax-free option to save money for college, vocational training or trade school. For more information, visit

Dave talked with Arizona State Treasurer Kimberly Yee.  The talked about the contest and the AZ529 plan in detail as well.  To listen, click here:



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