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The Schultz Creek Restoration Project Begins May 22nd

Construction of the first phase of the Schultz Creek watershed restoration project will get underway soon. The phase is partnership between the Coconino County Flood Control District and the Coconino National Forest. Construction begins May 22nd and will run through June. The District has contracted with Natural Channel Design to build structures, referred to as “Plug and Spread” features, designed to reduce levels of stream sediment and erosion. By slowing and spreading floodwater, these features will perform a similar function to the alluvial fan restoration that has been implemented with success in other watershed restoration projects within the Museum and Schultz fire scars. The structures will allow the City of Flagstaff’s new detention facility to function more effectively. During construction, Schultz Pass Road beyond the forest boundary will close to motorized vehicles but remain open to hiking, biking and equestrian use. Approximately a half-mile of the Chimney Trail north of the “Schultz Y” will also be closed to all users. Phase Two will begin in late 2023.



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