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The Green Party Qualifies As A Third Party In Coconino County For The 2024 Elections

There will be a third party on the ballot in the primary and general elections in Coconino County in 2024. The county announced Wednesday that the Green Party has qualified to have its candidates on the county’s ballot. To qualify the party for the ballot, the county recorder’s office was required to validate at least 208 total signatures, with at least a 53.3-percent validity rate. On December 7th, they validated 354 signatures and disqualified 37 signatures, resulting in a 90.5-percent validity rate. The estimated total number of valid signatures is 1,770, which exceeds the 1,042 minimum signatures required to gain county political party status. Therefore, the Green Party of Coconino County exceeds the minimum signature requirement and qualifies for 2024 ballot status in the County. County residents who are currently registered with the Green Party do not need to take further action. Residents who are not registered, registered with a different political party, or have indicated no party preference must register with the Green Party in order to vote for that party‚Äôs candidates in the August 2024 Primary Election. To check voter registration visit



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