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The City Of Flagstaff Partners With Arizona Anti-Trafficking Network In The Battle Against Sex Trafficking

The City of Flagstaff has entered into a partnership with the Arizona Anti-Trafficking Network to train all municipal employees on how to identify and report sex trafficking. Members of Cities Empowered Against Sexual Exploitation Arizona, or CEASE, have been training more than 900 City of Flagstaff employees across all departments. Once 75-percent of employees complete the training, Flagstaff will receive CEASE City Designation. Mayor Becky Daggett says “we must do everything we can to protect our most vulnerable and I’m extremely excited for this to be implemented in Flagstaff.” The CEASE Arizona program equips city governments with the knowledge and expertise to combat commercial sexual exploitation. This is accomplished through training, policy recommendations, and technology-based deterrence efforts targeted at sex buyers. All program activities are offered free of charge. For more information about the Arizona Anti-Trafficking Network, log onto



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