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The 2023 Monsoon Season Has Been Absent So Far From Arizona, With No Rain In Sight

The Monsoon season, which is typically predicted to start the first week of July in northern Arizona, has been absent so far. According to officials from the National Weather Service, the monsoon season fluctuates each year depending on a number of different reasons including what the weather was like in spring and early summer. This year, conditions have been dryer than normal with less rainfall and lower humidity expected. It’s a significant change from the past two monsoon seasons in northern Arizona, which both had record-breaking rainfall. This Monday broke the record as the hottest day ever recorded on Earth at an average temperature of 62.62 degrees Fahrenheit globally. Officials from the National Weather Service say the dry monsoon season means people should be extra cautious about following fire restrictions ahead of wildfire season. More information on this season’s outlook and safety tips for storms can be found on the National Weather Service website.

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Daisy Johnston



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