LD7 State Senator Wendy Rogers has filed a restraining order against a reporter, who she says is harassing her and showing up at her home uninvited. A Coconino County judge granted the request Thursday morning against Arizona Capitol Times reporter Camryn Sanchez, who Rogers says “repeatedly committed harassing, annoying and alarming attempts” to contact her. Rogers said in a statement, “earlier in the legislative session, after the reporter repeatedly invaded my personal space at my desk in the Senate Chamber, I requested the Senate Sergeant at Arms and staff convey to the reporter that I did not want her to approach me.” She adds, “this week she showed up at two of my valley homes, multiple times. I don’t know this reporter personally, I don’t know what she is capable of and I don’t believe anyone in their right mind would show up uninvited to my home at night.” The Capitol Times says Sanchez was investigating whether or not Rogers lives in District 7, which includes Flagstaff, Payson, Show Low and Williams. Rogers told KAFF News Friday she has been a resident of Flagstaff “since 2015 and I love Flagstaff.“

Here’s the interview that aired on The Jeff Kennedy Show Monday morning:

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