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State Route 89A Remains Closed In Both Directions Between Sedona And Flagstaff Due To Rockfall Work And Damage To The Highway

Crews continue to make progress removing loose rock and material from Oak Creek Canyon’s walls as State Route 89A remains closed north of Sedona. Workers are removing loose and potentially unstable material that could dislodge rocks from the canyon wall and ledge. Because of the work being done, large and small rocks, along with sediment, continually fall onto the roadway. They also fall while work isn’t underway, thus the reason to keep the highway closed. Once work is completed, the stretch between the Midgley Bridge picnic area and the northern entrance to Sedona, will need to be repaired and repaved due to the large boulders that hit the road during blasting operations. The paving work will need to be done before the highway can reopen. Right now, ADOT is hoping State Route 89A can reopen Saturday. In the meantime, to get from Sedona to Flagstaff drivers need to take State Route 179 to Interstate-17 up to Flagstaff. From Flagstaff to Sedona take I-17 to State Route 179.



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