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State Court Of Appeals Heard The Appeal From Northern Arizona Healthcare Lawyers Thursday Morning In Phoenix

A three-judge panel heard the appeal of Proposition 480 from Northern Arizona Healthcare lawyers in a Phoenix courtroom Thursday morning. NAH once again testified that the petition submitted by Flagstaff Community First should not be allowed because they didn’t mention the ordinance is directed to a new proposed hospital. About two weeks ago, Coconino County Superior Court Judge Brent Harris ruled in favor of Flagstaff Community First. He said in his five page brief, “by failing to include every possible example of permitted uses the committee (Flagstaff Community First) did not act in a fraudulent or misleading manner or promote falsehood upon the voting public that may choose to weigh in on the referendum.” He further ordered the Flagstaff city clerk to keep Proposition 480 on the November ballot. The state court of appeals will issue a written decision on the appeal by August 23rd.


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