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Staging Begins In Areas Included In Spruce Wash Improvements Flood Mitigation Projects In Flagstaff

Staging has begun for construction of the Spruce Wash Improvements flood mitigation projects, in a portion of the area known as the “wedge” just north of Coconino High School in Flagstaff. The “wedge” is the city-owned, triangle shaped parcel bound by North West Street, East Linda Vista Drive and East Cedar Avenue. Crews will be removing trees in an area within the footprint of the future Wedge Detention Basin project. Once a portion of the trees and vegetation are removed, a fenced temporary construction yard will be set up to store equipment and materials for the upcoming Spruce Wash Improvements flood mitigation projects. The public is asked to keep out of the fenced construction yard and be aware of construction activity. No road closures are anticipated.



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