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Spring Runoff Continues In And Around Flagstaff

Spring runoff continues in and around Flagstaff. The Schultz Creek Detention Basins reached 100-percent capacity Monday night due to runoff. Water overtopping the basins will flow downstream towards the Rio de Flag, crossing the Schultz Creek culvert at Highway 180 and potentially impacting the neighborhood of Coconino Estates. The basins are fully functioning and were designed to allow for the safe overtopping of water while allowing for debris and sediment to settle within the basins. Additional mitigation for homes in Coconino Estates beyond what was recommended after the Pipeline Fire is not recommended at this time. ADOT has begun work to repair damage to the Schultz Creek culvert at Highway 180. Crews have determined today that an earlier debris blockage of the culvert pipe is no longer in place. Repair work is still ongoing and is being directed by ADOT. Crews are also working on the area that caused water to flow into Coconino Estates this past summer. Runoff in the area has also caused damage to the sidewalk and entrances to Fire Station 5. Residents are urged to use caution and avoid flooded roadways. Runoff seen Monday, that triggered a Flood Advisory, in the Cheshire neighborhood, specifically on Kramer Street, Fremont Boulevard, and Lynette Drive, was caused by runoff on Observatory Mesa. Similar runoff in the area may occur in the days ahead as warming continues.



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