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Scam Callers Using YCSO Deputies Names To Try And Receive Payment For Made Up Charges

Scam callers are hitting residents of Yavapai County, claiming to be deputies from the sheriff’s office. Over the last week, YCSO has received around a dozen calls from the public reporting that Sergeant Scott Joy and also Chief Jeff Newnum have called them to say they have outstanding warrants for their arrest, and they need to provide funds to prevent their arrest. The messages claim it’s an urgent matter and they need to call (928) 224-2429 Extension 4 regarding warrants and citations. The scammers are using actual names of YCSO deputies, but don’t be fooled by this tactic. These calls are continuing to fraudulently use deputy’s information in attempts to defraud the public. The phone number may not be the only one used by scammers, however thanks to people calling YCSO there’s at least one phone number to reference for the public as fraudulent. YCSO will never call to ask payment over the phone for any citation or arrest issue. One sign the call is a scam is they demand payment via gift cards or wire transfers. If you receive any of these types of calls, contact local law enforcement.



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