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Runoff Flooding Was A Problem In Flood Prone Areas Of Highway 180 And Southside Flagstaff Tuesday Night

Runoff flooding continues to be a problem in areas of Flagstaff. The Coconino Estates area was hit again with flood waters Tuesday night. Residents along Stevanna Way on the westside were out with shovels and brooms trying to clean up as the banks of Schultz Creek overflowed into the neighborhood. The last time the area saw flooding was in the summer when Schultz Creek overflowed seemingly on a daily basis. The Rio de Flag flooded areas of southside Flagstaff as well Tuesday night. Dupont Avenue was underwater for some time and flood waters reached Butler Avenue. The Rio also overflowed its banks in the area of Ellery Avenue and Riles Street, just north of NAU. This morning, the Rio de Flag is still running high, but down from last night and flood waters have subsided. There was also flooding in Baderville Tuesday as the Rio de Flag ran through that community. We have drone video of Baderville on the KAFF News Facebook and Instagram pages. High temperatures are expected to be cooler Wednesday, but still could create more runoff from the San Francisco Peaks, which could mean more flooding later today along flood prone areas.



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