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Restraining Order Against A Reporter, Filed By State Senator Wendy Rogers Was Dismissed Wednesday Afternoon

LD 7 State Senator Wendy Rogers restraining order against “Capitol Times” reporter Camryn Sanchez was dismissed after an over three-hour hearing in Flagstaff Wednesday. Justice of the Peace Howard Grodman says “where this injunction really must be dismissed, the strongest point is that investigative reporting is a legitimate purpose, it just is.” Both women testified in court. Rogers explained on how she felt threatened after Sanchez showed up at both her Tempe and Chandler homes, uninvited, while she was in Flagstaff. She also talked about two incidents on the floor in the Senate. Rogers testified that Sanchez was asked to not approach her on the Senate floor. Sanchez says she was never told to completely stay away from Rogers and that she was working on a story, looking into Rogers’ large mileage and per diem, due to living in Flagstaff, even though the deed to a house in Chandler she and her husband purchased says Tempe was her primary residence. Rogers was asked about this during questioning from Sanchez’ attorney about where her primary residence was, with the senator saying strongly “Flagstaff is my primary residence.” Judge Grodman told Senator Rogers if she wants to keep people away from her home going forward, “just put up a no trespassing sign and take away the welcome mat.” Sanchez’ attorney said after the decision that they plan on submitting a claim to cover Sanchez’ court costs and legal fees. State Senators Sonny Borelli, Anthony Kern and Steve Kaiser were in attendance at the hearing.



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