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Residential Recycling In Flagstaff Still On Pause Due To Lack Of A Facility To Take Recyclables To

The pause on recycling in the City of Flagstaff will remain in place until further notice. Officials say the Materials Recovery Facility and public recycling drop-off located at 18-hundred East Butler Avenue remains closed and the city is still evaluating recycling alternatives. Residents are asked to not place recycle bins on the curb this week. Due to overflow concerns and capacity limitations of businesses, commercial recycling collection services will continue to operate on a normal schedule, however these materials will continue to be delivered to the Cinder Lake Landfill for disposal. At this time, the City has evaluated and exhausted all immediate alternatives and, unfortunately, has no other option but to landfill these materials. The City of Flagstaff is in the process of finalizing an arrangement with a MRF in the Phoenix area that has agreed to receive recyclables from Flagstaff. More information will be released when the arrangement is finalized.



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