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Prescott Valley Woman Sentenced To Ten-Years In Prison After Shooting

A woman arrested and convicted in connection with a fatal shooting in 2021 near Ponderosa Park in Prescott, was sentenced last month in a Yavapai County courtroom. Officials say 45-year-old Shannon Jackson of Prescott Valley shot 56-year-old Sterling Wade Peters during a domestic dispute. Deputies received a call from a concerned neighbor, who claimed a woman shot a man during a domestic disturbance. The neighbor told police the woman came to her house and told them she had shot Peters. Jackson stated to YCSO detectives that during the argument, she had retrieved a .357 Magnum revolver off the floor of the house and fired two shots at Peters, one which stuck him in the side and one in the chest. Though Jackson had originally claimed she shot Peters in self-defense, YCSO detectives determined that the numerous interviews and physical evidence were not consistent with or justified under self-defense and she was charged with second-degree murder. She was convicted of manslaughter per domestic violence back on February 12th and was sentenced to ten years in prison.



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