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Prescott Valley Police Warns Public Of The Dangers Of Psychedelic Drugs

Prescott Valley Police are advising the public on the production and sale of psychedelic chocolate bars and gummy candy. These products can contain psilocybin mushrooms. The mushrooms can potentially change a person’s mood, thoughts, and perception. At Dignity Health in Prescott there have been two incidents where the patient experienced illness and seizures. The first case involved a 22-year-old male who consumed the chocolate and was found unresponsive. The second case involved a 39-year-old male who consumed the same brand, but birthday cake. He was also found unresponsive in his vehicle. The dangers of these drugs are bad trips, negative emotions, anxiety, or fear; mixed with other substances can increase these effects. Police want residents to please be vigilant and educate yourself, family, and friends about the dangers of psychedelic candy and other dissociative drugs. Please ensure you read the labels on these products, because some have warning labels that contain warnings about possible side effects.



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