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Prescott Police Are Looking For A Pickup Truck Involved In A Hit-And-Run Accident Friday

Prescott Police are looking for a single-cab, older model, white truck that struck a Fry’s grocery store employee late Friday afternoon. Police say the employee was pushing a cart back to the store, while in the store’s parking lot at 950 Fair Street at around 5:19 p.m. The truck hit the cart, which then struck the employee causing her to fall to the ground where she cut her head. The driver of the vehicle stopped and talked with the employee and then left without identifying himself. The truck had square headlights, square front end, black rims and a camper shell. The driver is believed to be in his 60s with a white beard and ponytail and was wearing a black leather vest or jacket and a black leather cap on his head. If anyone has information about the suspect and the vehicle involved in the incident, contact Prescott Police at (928) 777-1900.



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