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Museum Fire Area Flood Siren Will Be Tested At Full Volume Thursday Morning

The flood sirens near the Museum Fire area will be tested at full volume starting at 9 a.m. on Thursday. The testing is scheduled to take place for an hour and will confirm several new updates made to the siren, including Navajo translation. During the trial, people in the nearby area will hear an alarm sound, a voice message repeated three times and a wind-down siren to indicate the end of the message. The City of Flagstaff says it is important to remember that in an emergency, the wind-down siren does not mean there is no longer any danger, only that the message is ending. The alerting system was designed to warn residents of immediate danger caused by flash flooding. All nearby residents should also register to receive emergency notification alerts over text message. More information on how to register for alerts or about the alarm system can be found on the City of Flagstaff website.

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Daisy Johnston



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