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Many Pavement Repair Projects Set To Take Place Around Arizona This Summer

ADOT will be working on critical pavement repairs across the state starting next week. The Northern Arizona portion of the road work won’t begin until July. On eastbound Interstate-40 work will take place over a 50 mile stretch from the U.S. 93 Junction to Seligman. Work will also take place on westbound I-40 between Cross Mountain and Willow Ranch. Those projects will start on July 5th. Work on I-40 between Seligman and Ash Fork, the Riordan Bridge to Interstate-17 and Walnut Canyon Road to Townsend-Winona Road all have been given a start date. On Interstate-17, work from Sunset Point to the Dewey-Humboldt Exit, southbound I-17 from the Dewey-Humboldt Exit to Middle Verde Road, northbound I-17 from the Dewey-Humboldt Exit to the Sedona Exit and from the Sedona Exit to the Scenic Overlook will start August 1st. There are a total of 23 projects that are scheduled to take place this summer around the state.



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