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Man Arrested In Connection With A Domestic Violence Incident In Prescott Saturday

Yavapai County Sheriff’s deputies were called to a Prescott home Saturday on a report of a family fight. When they arrived to the home on Woodside Drive, they heard a female inside the home yelling that her husband wouldn’t let her out and kept screaming for help. Deputies entered the home and found the husband, Benjamin Weiner, and was quickly detained and placed in a patrol vehicle. The woman had scratches from the fight, but refused medical attention. Mr. Weiner, however, began complaining of a multitude of injuries, including a head injury, and even collapsed to the ground while walking to the patrol car. EMS evaluated him, showing that his injuries were inconsistent with his complaints, and his vitals were normal. They saw nothing needing medical attention. Nevertheless, deputies brought the suspect to the hospital, where he was evaluated and x-rayed and found to be in good health with no injuries other than scratches from the family fight. He was eventually booked into the Verde Jail and charged with tampering with physical evidence, assault per domestic violence, and disorderly conduct per domestic violence.



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