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Maid Fire At 543 Acres, 17 Miles Northwest Of Clints Well. Forest Service Announces Road Closures In The Area

The Maid Fire has grown to 543 acres after it was reported early Saturday morning. The fire is burning 17 miles northwest of Clints Well in the Coconino National Forest. Fire officials are planning burnout operations today, which could increase smoke in the area. Smoke is expected to drift to the northeast. The wildfire is visible to those driving on Interstate-17 near the Stoneman Lake exit as it’s only five miles from the highway. The cause of the fire is under investigation. The fire has no containment, but fire officials expect numbers will start to go up soon.

Here are areas that were closed this morning due to the Maid Fire:

In addition to areas described in the closure order and map, the following forest roads are closed:

9238M: from intersection with 9238S to intersection with 620E
620: from intersection with 620A to end of road
620A: from intersection with 620 to intersection with 620D
620D: from intersection with 644E to intersection with 620
644E: from intersection with 620D to intersection with 644J
644G: from intersection with 644J to intersection with 620D
620E: from intersection with 620 to intersection with 9243H
9245H: from intersection with private land boundary to intersection with 620E

This Order remains in effect until November 30, 2023, at 6:00 pm, unless rescinded.

To see the closure map, click here



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