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Lawyers For NAH, City Of Flagstaff And Flagstaff Community First To Appear In Court Thursday For A Order To Show Cause Hearing

Lawyers for Northern Arizona Healthcare, the City of Flagstaff and Flagstaff Community First will be in court this afternoon for a Order to Show Cause hearing regarding Proposition 480. NAH claims the referendum that voters signed to get Prop 480 on the ballot says “the site will be used to construct retail and commercial space, with no intention of health care facilities.” They say Arizona case law demands strict compliance with elections regulations. Case law requires a court to disqualify any referendum from the ballot if the description fails to “communicate objectively false or misleading information” about the measure. The hearing will be in front of Coconino County Judge Brent Harris at Coconino County Superior Court. If you can’t make the hearing, you can watch it via a zoom feed.

Zoom feed of the hearing, click here:

If you need a password to get into zoom, the password is 594982.



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