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Identity Theft Awareness Week Is Underway

Identity Theft Awareness Week is underway to bring attention to protecting yourself and your personal information. The Prescott Valley Police Department and the Federal Trade Commission list several ways to avoid being a victim of identity theft. First be wary when sharing sensitive information with friends or family, online or at community group meetings. Look out for someone opening a credit card or utility account under your name or using your information to take out a loan or get a job. To protect your information online, use a strong password with at least twelve characters when opening a new account. Pick account security questions unique to the site you are using and only use answers you would know. Set up multi-factor authentication, this prevents a hacker who steals your password from accessing your account. Always change your password if someone steals it or if there is a data breach. If you experience identity theft, contact local law enforcement. For more information on how to protect yourself from identity theft, visit



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