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Holbrook Man Arrested In California Tuesday In Connection With The Death Of His Girlfriend

A Holbrook man has been arrested in California in connection with the murder of his girlfriend.  Holbrook Police say they responded to a report of a missing person at around 7:44 a.m. Monday, looking for 54-year-old Christi Lynn Romero.  They arrived in the 200 block of East Iowa at a trailer, that was home to Romero.  Police saw evidence of forced entry, but Romero wasn’t inside and her vehicle was also missing.  Police then started to search for her estranged boyfriend, 34-year-old Richard Paul Rodriguez of Holbrook.  Back on November 2nd, Rodriguez was served an order of protection and was removed from the trailer he shared with Romero.  Richard went to stay at the local mission, but personnel there told police he hadn’t been there for several days.  Phone location data received from inside Romero’s vehicle indicated it was traveling towards California on Interstate 10.  Rodriguez arrived at his parents’ house in Huntington Beach, where police were called.  When police arrived there, a search of the vehicle found the body of a deceased female in the trunk.  The body was confirmed to be Romero Tuesday.  Rodriguez was arrested and is in custody on charges related to the incident.  The case remains under investigation.



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