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Forest Restoration Is Leading To Many Plusses For Not Only The Forest Itself, But To Folks On The Hopi And Navajo Nations

The Arizona Lottery and the National Forest Foundation are teaming up with Navajo and Hopi communities to not only help get wood to communities on not only both nations through the “Wood for Life” program, but also to employ young workers to thin areas of the Coconino National Forest. Team leaders from Ancestral Lands were working on forest thinning in the forest Thursday, and have been since March, cutting down trees and sorting the logs to be given to those who need it on the Navajo and Hopi nations. The wood being harvested will be used for not only firewood, but wood used for building and the tops of the trees will be used for mulch, for gardening. The crew is made out of young Hopi men and women. The Arizona Lottery has contributed $50-thousand to conservation effort on the forest.



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