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Flagstaff’s Sunshine Rescue Mission Temporary Overnight Closure Could Last Many Weeks

The temporary overnight housing closure at Sunshine Rescue Mission in Flagstaff is not a quick fix. When news of the temporary closure started to circulate Wednesday, other shelters had to be quick on their feet to help. Ross Schaefer, executive director of Flagstaff Shelter Services tells KAFF News they started receiving people from the Mission early Wednesday morning and had to scramble to find a place for about 20 people to stay the night. Local churches were able to help fill the need. Catholic Charities is helping FSS find places for people to stay as well.  Kathie Knapp is the director of the Sunshine Rescue Mission and she says they had people working morning and night at the Mission, herself included, until they could hire more people, but it got to be too much. She says they are looking for the right people to work there. Knapp says, “we are looking for very special individuals that can do this kind of work. I’m not going to hire anyone that doesn’t deeply love and care for the homeless community, I just won’t.” She adds the homeless community feels like “they’ve already been marginalized. They feel invisible and feel that most of society generally doesn’t care about them.” She adds they are looking for five intake coordinators that are part-time positions and more.  Knapp says it could be 30-to-45 days before they are able to reopen overnight emergency housing, but hopes it won’t take that long. Schaefer says if anyone needs a place to stay, come to Flagstaff Shelter Services at 4185 East Huntington Drive in Flagstaff or call (928) 225-2533. To apply to work at the Sunshine Rescue Mission, head to their website and fill out an application.

Click here to apply for a job at the Rescue Mission.

Click here to hear the full-length interview between Kathie Knapp and KAFF News’ Dave Zorn.





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