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Flagstaff’s Minimum Wage To Go Up Monday

Flagstaff’s minimum wage will be going up Monday. The new minimum wage for Flagstaff will rise to $17.40 an hour January 1st. The increase is 60-cents more an hour from the current $16.80 an hour wage. Tipped minimum wage will increase $1.10-cents an hour from the current wage of $14.80 an hour to $15.90 an hour. The increase stems from an ordinance passed by the voters in November of 2016, and amended by the city council in 2017. The Minimum Wage Ordinance covers all people in the city who work, or expected to work, 25 or more hours a week in any calendar year. This increase is determined by the Consumer Price Index. The CPI for August 2023 was 3.7-percent greater than for August 2022. For more information on Flagstaff’s Minimum Wage Ordinance, log on to



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