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Flagstaff To Resume Permitting For Small Outdoor Events On April 1st

The Flagstaff City Council held a work session Tuesday where they discussed a possible update of their re-entry plan for in person activities as the metrics regarding the COVID-19 pandemic continue to improve. City staff discussed the second phase of the reentry plan, which beginning April 1st, would allow permits for outdoor sports and other events of up to 30 people who follow COVID-19 mitigation practices, such as the wearing of masks during games. The council debated whether to increase the number of people permitted at such events from 30 to 50, and while the majority of members supported the increase, others, such as Mayor Paul Deasy, and Councilmember Austin Aslan were hesitant to increase the number, preferring the original plan for an increase to 50 at the reentry plan’s third phase.

Nicholas Bratcher



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