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FBI Arrest A Man Living Near Heber-Overgaard In Connection With A “Religiously-Motivated” Terrorist Attack In Australia Last Year

A man who lives near Heber-Overgaard has been charged in connection with online comments he made that allegedly incited a “religiously motivated terrorist attack” in Australia last year, in which six people died. Two Queensland state police officers and an innocent bystander were fatally shot by Gareth Train, his brother Nathaniel and Nathaniel’s wife Stacey, in an ambush at the Train’s remote property last December. Four officers went to the property to investigate reports of a missing person. They were met with gunfire. Police killed the three Trains, who have been described as conspiracy theorists. Queensland Police Assistant Commissioner Cheryl Scanlon announced at a press conference that the man who was arrested, and Gareth began commenting on each other’s videos on YouTube, which led to him sending messages containing “Christian end-of-days ideology” to Gareth and Stacy. FBI agents arrested 58-year-old Donald Day Junior last week and appeared in federal court Tuesday. If convicted Day faces a potential five-year prison sentence.



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