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Experts Say An El Nino Pattern Is Shaping Up For This Summer And Winter

This winter was one of the snowiest on record for Flagstaff. Arizona State Climatologist Erinanne Saffell says there are strong indications we may have another big snow season next winter as well. She says the indicator is sea surface temperatures in the equatorial Pacific appear to be getting warmer. About an El Nino occurring, Saffell says “we have to talk about probabilities and percentages and so right now it looks like we have a 60-percent chance that that’s going to occur in probably May or June and that may continue through the winter.” Saffell says it boils down to statistical probabilities and where the storm tracks are moving. She says El Nino’s aren’t always full of rain and snow and La Nina’s aren’t always dry. This past winter we were in a La Nina pattern and Flagstaff saw a very went winter. More information about the coming Monsoon season, and next winter, as it pertains to sea surface temperatures should be released in the near future.



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