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Congressman Eli Crane Is Facing Some Backlash From One Of His Opponents In 2024 Over The Border

Republican Congressman Eli Crane is receiving pushback from a possible political opponent in 2024, over the lack of a border control bill. Former Navajo Nation President Johnathan Nez, is running for Congress as a Democrat in District 2. Nez said Crane is not looking out for the wellness of Arizona, as his inaction is causing fentanyl to come into the state from the southern border. He said the rise of fentanyl has spread “from Coolidge to Prescott to my small hometown of Shonto” on the Navajo Nation. Nez said “Instead of working on a solution, Eli Crane helped kill a bipartisan border bill before it could even come to a vote.” He says the congressman would rather listen to party orders than constituents. Congressman Crane is running unopposed in the primary, while Nez is facing other candidates on the Democratic side. The primary election is set for July 30th.



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