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Coconino County Residents Are Reporting A New Jury Scam

Coconino County is warning residents about a new jury scam. Several reports have been made to the County recently by residents who have been contacted by an individual claiming to be the jury commissioner. Reports made about the phone calls say the individual impersonating the jury commissioner was aggressive, threatening and asked for personal information. Those on the receiving end of the call were informed that a warrant had been issued for their arrest. The Superior Court does not make phone calls to ask for personal information.  County officials remind people that official contacts would not include demands or threats. Anyone who might have fallen victim to this scam, or another like it, can contact the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office at (928) 226-5012 or the Coconino County Attorney’s Office at (928) 679-8200. Fraud can also be reported to the Arizona Attorney General’s Office at 1-800-352-8431.


Daisy Johnston



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