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Coconino County Public Works Have Begun Filling Potholes On Herold Ranch Road

Coconino County Public Works crews have begun filling still-submerged potholes in the flooded Rio de Flag crossing on Herold Ranch Road. The crossing, which has been flooded for several weeks, has severely limited coming in and out of the area for county and city residents living on the east side of the wash. Officials say the Herold Ranch Road crossing has been monitored daily since snowmelt runoff from Northern Arizona’s record-setting winter began flooding the Rio de Flag last month. Floodwater velocity, coupled with the flow depth, has prevented the department from filling the potholes at the crossing. County Public Works Director Chris Tressler says “this is our first feasible opportunity to attempt to add material to this potholes.” Crews are using loaders to place one-to-three-and-half inch river rock in the holes. Due to limited visibility, they also need this equipment to move the rocks around to fill the potholes as completely as possible. The project is being closely monitored to determine its efficacy, including how well the rocks stay in place. The pothole filling project will continue until floodwater recedes in the wash.



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