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City Of Flagstaff Releases New Evacuation Maps

The City of Flagstaff released a map Wednesday morning with a list of designated evacuation zones in the case of a wildfire. The zones are part of the existing “Ready, Set, Go!” program, which was created in collaboration with the Flagstaff Fire Department. Flagstaff city officials say residents should take the time to check out which zone they have been assigned, as well as the zone of their loved ones, to be prepared for potential emergencies during the fire season. Residents can find their zones by typing their home address on the map, and are also encouraged to identify the evacuation zones for their workplaces, schools or any other locations where they may spend a lot of time. City Emergency Manager Daniel Kelly says “The City of Flagstaff is constantly analyzing its levels of community resilience, and preparedness is the first step in that process.” More information on emergency management can be found by visiting


To see your evacuation zone, click here:


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