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Authorities Continue To Look For A Fugitive Connected To A Prescott Assault In 2021

Day Two of Yavapai Silent Witness’ “Catch 22” program focused on finding 37-year-old Jesse Arredondo Frias, who is wanted in connection with an assault in Prescott in 2021. Authorities say a female victim was out with Frias at a downtown Prescott bar on the night of April 24th, 2021. Frias and a friend began causing a disturbance inside the bar. The victim left the bar and went to the truck they were going to leave in. When Frias arrived back at the truck, he became angry to find her in the driver seat. He got in and pushed her over to the passenger seat. She then asked Frias to let her out of the truck, but he refused and drove away. The victim tried to get out of the truck, but Frias grabbed her by her hoodie as she was halfway out of the door and began to strangle her. She was being dragged outside the passenger door as he drove. Frias then stopped the truck, got out and attacked the victim, hitting and punching her multiple times before forcing her back into the truck. As they drove down Highway 69 in Prescott Valley, Frias continued to hit the victim and slamming her head on the steering wheel. He also told her he was going to kill her and took her phone. The truck then broke down and she was able to escape with her phone. She received many bruises and abrasions, as well as a concussion from the assault. Frias is described as a Hispanic male, five-feet-nine inches tall and weighing 230 pounds with black hair and brown eyes. His last known address was on Dameron Drive in Prescott. He now has a warrant for kidnapping, two counts of aggravated assault domestic violence, and has a probation warrant from a separate case. If anyone has information into Frias’ whereabouts, you can earn $1,000 reward if it leads to his arrest. If you have information about Frias, call Yavapai Silent Witness at 1-800-932-3232 or submit a tip at



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