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At Least One Person Was Injured After A Bizarre Accident On Woodlands Village Boulevard In Flagstaff Thursday

There was a bizarre accident late Thursday morning on Woodlands Village Boulevard in Flagstaff. Witnesses tell KAFF News a white Dodge pickup truck was heading east on Woodlands Village Boulevard and was going to turn into the Walmart parking lot at around 11:28 a.m. It was then the truck started to spin its right rear tire, which continued for a few minutes, according to onlookers. The spinning produced a great deal of smoke and caught the road on fire. A bypasser sprayed an extinguisher on the fire, which controlled it until fire crews arrived. Flagstaff Police say the driver then let go of the breaks, which launched the truck over the median, hitting two street signs and going onto oncoming traffic. The truck then struck the back end of another truck and hit a vehicle leaving the Walmart parking lot. Police say the driver suffered a medical condition that caused the incident. The driver of the truck was taken to Flagstaff Medical Center for treatment. There were no other injuries reported.



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