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Arizona Senators Kelly And Sinema Secure Funds For Emergency Preparedness For Flagstaff

Arizona senators Mark Kelly and Kyrsten Sinema have announced they have secured a million dollars from the Inflation Reduction Act to invest in three new community-led climate resilience hubs in Flagstaff. The hubs will increase emergency preparedness through safe heating, cooling, and clean air centers, expand air quality data and improve health outcomes for Arizonans affected by wildfire smoke and dust, and provide resources that meet the unique community-identified needs. Senator Kelly says “with this investment, Flagstaff will have more tools to protect the environment and improve the quality of life for its residents.” Sinema adds, “we’re proudly delivering one-million dollars to the City of Flagstaff to invest in drought, wildfire, and climate resilience, ensuring it remains a safe and healthy place to call home for generations to come.” The three hubs will be established at the Murdoch Community Center, the Market of Dreams off Fourth Street and a mobile resilience hub will be run by the Community Assistance Teams of Flagstaff.



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