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Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema Announces She Won’t Run For Re-Election To The Senate In 2024

Senator Kyrsten Sinema talks with Willa and Dwayne McAullife

Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema is stepping away from politics and won’t run for re-election for Senate in 2024. She made the announcement in a video posted on social media. Senator Sinema, along with Senator Mark Kelly, was key in getting additional funding for flood mitigation efforts after the Tunnel and Pipeline fires. She was also able to secure funding, through a bi-partisan bill, to protect the pay raise wildland fire fighters received in 2022. Senator Kelly released a statement saying, “Over our three years of serving together, I’ve had a front row seat to Senator Sinema’s work in the Senate and witnessed her tenacity as she forged compromises on issues that felt unsolvable.” He adds, “in a town where a lot of people are much happier talking about problems than doing anything to fix them, she’s pursued meaningful solutions, working with Republicans and Democrats to pass lasting legislation that makes a difference in the lives of Arizonans and all Americans.” Her announcement leaves Republican Kari Lake and Democrat Rueben Gallego in the race for Sinema’s Senate seat in the 2024 election.


To watch Senator Sinema’s announcement, click here: 



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