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Area Fire Crews Respond To Four Wildfires Off Old Route 66 In East Flagstaff Friday

Crews from Flagstaff Fire and Summit Fire and Medical were quick to jump on multiple early morning fires in the Flagstaff area Friday.  Flagstaff Fire crews responded to the first fire off Old East Route 66 at around 3:21 this morning.  When they arrived they found a fire about a quarter of an acre in size.  As they worked that fire, other crews noticed two more fires burning nearby and went to work on those two fires.  The second fire was burning near private property in rugged terrain, however firefighters were able to dig a line around it.  When crews arrived at the third fire, it was two-to-three acres in size.  Some crews arriving to that fire, noticed a fourth one and quickly went to work that fire.  At around 7 a.m., multiple crews from the U.S. Forest Service arrived to respond to the fires and take command of the incident. All fires have been contained by Friday afternoon. The cause of the fires are under investigation. 



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