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Another Cold Case Is Solved By The Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office By Advanced DNA Technology

A 25-year-old cold case has been solved by the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office, thanks to advanced DNA technology. In 1999, unidentified human remains were found near the Bumble Bee Road Exit from Interstate-17 north of Black Canyon City. The remains, thought at the time to be male, were sent to the county Medical Examiner’s Office and fingerprints were obtained. However, after a search of DPS and FBI records at the time, no match was found. In 2018, YCSO Cold Case Investigations asked the FBI to do another fingerprint search, and this time there was a match…to a female. Cold Case investigators contacted her family members, who agreed to submit DNA for comparison. Eventually an exhumation order was obtained for the remains, the DNA comparison was analyzed, and a positive identification was made. The remains were of Judy Glascock of Ventura, California. Investigators say it is difficult to pinpoint her age, but she was likely in her late 30’s. Cause of death is still unknown, but during the autopsy in 1999, there was no evidence of homicide or violence.



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