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Tests Show The Bear That Killed A Tucson Man In Prescott Was Healthy With No Warning Signs

Tests done on the bear who attacked and killed 66-year-old Steven Jackson, of Tucson, near Prescott Friday came back negative for rabies. Arizona Game and Fish officials say the bear seemed to be in good health. Arizona Game and Fish veterinarian Dr. Anne Justice-Allen says “It was in good condition with no apparent signs of disease.” Also discovered during the autopsy inside the bear’s stomach was human remains mixed with vegetation and seeds. All other aspects of the autopsy showed that the bear had normal nutrition. Wildlife officials emphasized there has been only one bear that tested positive for rabies in Arizona, which was in 1971. The Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office says it is possible that officials may never reach an understanding on why the bear attacked Jackson unprovoked.

Daisy Johnston



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